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Ada-Reva Spae: Health Educator and Yoga Instructor

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As a Workshop Leader:

Food Issues Workshop:

The (food issues) workshop exceeded my expectations...I loved the combination of body work and discussion. It was relaxing, and fun.

I am so glad that you pose losing weight as a choice. I have felt this for a long time and that no "diet" gets to what we need. Thank you for being supportive in this respect.

I loved the yoga, and Thaddeus's singing and playing.

The Sankalpa bit was especially helpful...creating a Sankalpa that can move me along on the path.

As a Yoga Instructor:

Among her many talents, Ada is a superlative yoga instructor with children. She completely captivated two classes of forty kindergarten children. They enthusiastically participated in downward facing dog, the cobra and sun salutations among other poses. We had a wonderful time when Ada visited our class. Ada was also my yoga instructor during my first pregnancy, and did a wonderful job of adapting the poses and helping me individually while also leading the regular class. In addition she provided support, counseling and loving care. She helped me through ten hours of labor as my doula. Her gentle touch and constant attention as well as the relaxation and breathing techniques she taught me allowed me to participate fully in the birthing experience. I don't think I could have done it without you, Ada!
—Patricia S.
Kindergarten Teacher
Fall River School District
Fall River, WI

I took yoga with Ada for four years, during which time we became personal friends. Her yoga instruction is so relaxed that I hardly noticed how intense the exercises were becoming. I did note that while I was practicing yoga, I no longer needed to visit the chiropractor for back pain. I learned enough from Ada that I now have a home yoga practice.
— Gary T.

Ada is an outstanding yoga teacher. I've taken a number of yoga classes, and hers are by far the most pleasant. She creates a truly kind, patient, fun atmosphere and gives equal, thoughtful attention to each student. People make progress in their strength and flexibility without feeling stressed or overtaxed.
Ada knows the human body well—from her experience both as a yoga teacher and as a registered nurse. She starts each class by asking what body issues each student is dealing with and gears the class accordingly. I feel confident that I will never injure myself and that the poses will be taught correctly. And everyone loves the part when we use the massage balls. I come away from class feeling not only stronger and more flexible but more physically and emotionally relaxed.

— Lisa K.
Neighborhood Facilitator

Over a period of about five years I took yoga classes from Ada. It was a very busy time in my life and yoga was the calming element that I needed. I continue to use it sporadically as needed. I've tried other classes but Ada's teaching style worked best for my needs.
— Ann T.
Day Care Provider

I have found Ada to be an outstanding yoga teacher. She is finely tuned to each person and figures out how to meet teach person's particular needs. She has extensive knowledge of the human body and can answer questions about good health practices. She is entirely flexible in her conduct of the class. She is also a warm, caring, and generous person.
— Katie K.
Co-Counseling Administrator

As a Nursing Instructor:

One thing I remember about Ada, apart from being a great nursing instructor, was the way she incorporated mind and body wellness into her teaching. She taught us various ways to help our patients with pain management besides the traditional pharmaceutical approach. She guided us through visualization exercises and breathing techniques so we would feel comfortable using them with our patients. It also helped us with the stress of nursing school before exams. Ada has a very kind gentle way about her, and she has an ability to create calm healing energy in those around her. As a former modern dancer and yoga student, I believe these qualities are vital to life a long, healthy, and happy life.
—Caileen B., RN,
SCCC 2006-2007 (Graduated June 2007)