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Ada-Reva Spae: Health Educator and Yoga Instructor

Box 46141 Seattle WA 98146    206-832-6115    adareva@gmail.com

About Ada-Reva

"When I tell people I have practiced yoga for over 50 years, the response is usually, 'Funny you don't look that old.' Let's just say my adolescence was not all rainbows, sunshine and unicorns. Yoga helped. A lot.

"After a diagnosis of MS in 1997, I realized that yoga was doing more for me than just keeping the body-mind-spirit triad in check — it was also minimizing symptoms and preventing progression. I wanted to share with others in the same or similar navasana (otherwise known as boat)."

Ada-Reva Spae is a health educator and yoga instructor, registered with Yoga Alliance at ERYT 500. She has studied with and is influenced by many revered yoga teachers, including Judith Lasater, Lizzie Lasater, Sarah Powers, Shari Friedrichsen, Nicolai Bachman and Jill Miller. She is a masters-prepared Nurse Educator, certified 200 hour Kripalu yoga instructor, and received her 500 hour certification from Eight Limbs Yoga in Seattle. Her teaching is a synthesis of her education and her life experiences.

Ada-Reva lives in Seattle in a multigenerational household that always seems to have just enough room for greyhounds (AKA the 45 mph couch potato) from all over the world. There is a saying that as long as there is space on the floor, you can fit another greyhound.

Resume (pdf)