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Playing with Your Fat

Western physicians teach their clients that in order to lose weight we must move more and eat less. This teaching strategy is not working. The rate of obesity and obesity related health conditions is staggering. Childhood obesity and type II diabetes in children are growing in epidemic proportions. This problem needs a fresher, newer approach.

The recipe is as simple as changing your mind. We start by taking food obsession, body image disturbance and self-esteem issues seriously. Add sound nutrition, joyful movement, humor and play. Mix well and start your journey to a newer improved you.


  • An open mind
  • Loose, comfortable clothing
  • An open heart
  • An exercise mat or towel
  • A refrigerator
  • A dollop of imagination
  • A sense of humor
  • A playful spirit


Now think: how many times have you or someone in your life lost weight simply to gain it back with a few extra pounds for good measure? How many times have you thought, "If only I ate less, exercised more, put a padlock on the refrigerator... I would have kept the weight off." This notion that useless methods done differently will yield desired results is akin to banging your head against the wall in hopes you will get smarter. It doesn't work! I personally have lost 90 pounds several times over before I got this, so know you are not alone!


If those tried and true methods have already sent you in the wrong direction, try finding a new route. Begin with exploring how you feel about yourself, your body and what you feed it. Not just the food, but the thoughts, the messages and what you tell yourself when you look in the mirror. Accept yourself as you are, warts included, and develop love, or simply liking, for your body and all it has endured. When you choose to lose weight you can say goodbye to it with loving, not loathing. My stretch marks are my road-map to the blessing of motherhood. The flab that hangs off my arms allows for great hugs.


Once you befriend yourself and your fat, rejoice in it. Play, laugh, do yoga or stretch. Get comfortable in the skin you are in. With laughter and play comes release. With release you can then take on the task of losing weight joyfully.


Find a nutritionist. Start an adult play group. Find a wellness program designed to meet your specific needs. Study nutrition. Find an exercise program that brings a smile to your face as it shifts the flab on your hips.


Life is not a joke, but without jokes is life really worth living? Laughing long, hard and often may tone your abs better than any exercise program. learn how to laugh at yourself.

Tips & Warnings

  • Eat lots of fiber, drink lots of water and add healthy fats to your diet.
  • Always have a bathroom handy
  • Shake, stretch and make very funny faces
  • Always have a mirror handy
  • Make inappropriate sounds while you eat
  • Always play with your food
  • Do not start a food fight without appropriate rain gear
  • Play only with food that does not play back
  • Amuse yourself only if the cost is not too great

5/18/2009 Well said. This is a great article on how to play with your fat. 5*s

5/15/2009 how to play with your fat was a unique article!! It is true, life needs laughter and acceptance to build on!! I totally understand the losing and gaining thing, so mindset is important! Thanks, 5* and recommended

5/13/2009 interesting!!!

5/12/2009 So true, funny article!

5/12/2009 Men (husbands, boyfriends, etc) do not understand the emotional needs that we have in order to take on a weight loss regimen. It is so important to be happy first or the process will bring you down possibly as low as depression.